Babies and Christmas Traditions!


As part of my first blog I would like to talk about something very special to me. My babies!
I have two boys, one 11 and the other 5 months.
I already know what you are thinking, and the answer is no. I have been married to the same man for the past 14 years and both boys are his!
Having a newborn eleven years after your first born really shakes things up a bit. I feel as though this is my first baby!
Unlike my first son, who LOVED to sleep! This one is full of personality and demands to be talked to! He likes talking back as well. His little coo’s are just so heart melting and sweet. I swear my cheeks are constantly sore from smiling.


This time of year is one I try to make really special. Before the baby I would bake goodies for my son and husband. On the top of the list is a homemade fudge recipe that I got from my mother-in-law. (My husband is still in shock to this day that it is a recipe from the back of the fluffy marshmallow not a family made up recipe) Then of course chocolate chip cookies and whatever else my little family wanted. We normally make a turkey,but after a few years my husband and I have been leaning more towards chicken at Christmas. Especially after leftovers, we make a different version of Shepard’s Pie,after that we end up experiencing turkey overload! Really Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas.
I also used this time to teach my son about those who are in need. I would do this by either having him pick out a toy and taking it to toys for tots or some other drive.
This would open up the conversation of “Why are we doing this?”
My son does not know this but growing up I did not “have” Christmases. I knew that Santa wasn’t real at the tender age of 5. I know that sounds really sad, but I must have done something right. My husband has given the best Christmases, the best one when he proposed.
When I did not have my son hand out toys, my husband and I bought can foods and gave those to the local food drive. (This is something we do even we we ourselves are pinching pennies)
I think it is important to educate my oldest of the world and how cruel it can be to people who are down on their luck. Also, to keep him grounded. He is part of the generation that will never know a time without computers or cell phones. I want him to know that things don’t come easy and he has to work for them. I also want him to be compassionate to his fellow man. Basically a well round, respectable man.
This was to be my son’s last Christmas with “The Elf on the Shelf”, and all things magical. We were going to inform him on the secret that Santa is not real! Then I got pregnant! Since, he is no longer an only child we wanted to give him one more magical Christmas that he can share with his brother. Next year will be his last! (I think!)
I am trying to come up with more French Christmas traditions to include into our lives. Why? I’ll tell you why! I am French and so are my boys.
The first I have started integrating is the Yule Log or ‘bûche de Noël’. Traditionally this is a log that has been cut down by the entire family and is burnt each night. Oh and it was sprinkled with wine before burned!
Now, it is a very tasty dessert! Basically it is a chocolate sponge cake rolled and layered with cream. The outside is then covered with chocolate or chocolate icing and then decorated to look like a bark covered log!
(Image is from Nigella


I must admit that mine NEVER comes out this lovely but it taste fantastic!
I am not sure what other traditions I will introduce to the boys, but whatever I introduce it will be about love and family!

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