What, were you too busy buying bossy pants to call?

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This is a time of year where I loved to hang around the house with a thick sweater on while I am sipping on a piping hot cup of tea. I love the smells of cinnamon and baked goods in the air as I watch my favorite shows on television. What I love the most is the weather and the mood it puts me in. Unlike most people I enjoy cold weather and look forward to winter every year. Nothing warms my soul like snuggling on the couch with my favorite blanket while I read a good book.
This is also the time of year when my creative juices begin to flush in my head. I start having vivid dreams, ideas for what could make a good story. Up until the time I started blogging, I hardly let anyone read what I wrote. As I have been working on my latest project “Liam and Elise.” I starting thinking more about character personality, and the length of time I have put into making these two seemingly real. Something wonderful happened. I being to fall for these characters, even relate to them. I mean we have all been in a kind of relationship that consumes us and makes us feel connected. I wondered what it would be like to have an adult relationship where the two characters are so meant for one another they are actually bad for each other. Then it got me wondering if they decided to break up would they eventually find each other?
Normally I like to make outlines and have a plan as to where I want the story to go. I often see the ending forming in my mind as I make the outline out, and then I start to get the idea of another story as I go. Talk about attention deficit, Ha Ha! These are favorite parts of writing for me.  I have this lucky friend of mine who I make endure the painful process of reading my writing. She reads them while she is at work bored out of her mind. However, I like the comments and feedback that she gives me.
Just the other day she actually had to ask me if I had anything for to read. Obviously the answer was No. I have been having a hard time as of late trying to even write on my blog. Time is the easiest answer, the other is just flat out unable to come up with anything. I feel as though my mind is running in circles.
The last time I had any creative juices flowing was when I had gone to Oregon and Washington. That was back in February, and I haven’t been able to write since.
So, what I have been doing is trying to create the mood. I have been trying to write down little snatches of what it is I have been thinking. Things I have been seeing while out and about. I tried desperately to keep the pulse of my creativity beating rapidly but it is so very rough. My writing is a difficult mistress. Unlike me she needs to be deeply nurtured, she needs constant attention and constant stimulus.


Reading has always been my other source of getting inspired, however that too has been letting me down. I have having a hard time even finding a book that I want to read. I am having a hard time even sitting down and not thinking. Perhaps it is the pressure of coming up with something that has been hindering my process, or perhaps I need to return to my muse. My anniversary is coming up soon and my husband has been talking about going to Canada. That makes me excited, since he also wants to go through Oregon and Washington. This time of year the enchanted Pacific Northwest might indeed be what I really need!

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