James Foley

I didn’t know James Foley but I do now. From what I do know about him he started out as a teacher, then became a reporter so he could bring awareness to what was going on to the people of Syria.
Men and women like him report on the ugly things in life. You know that stuff no one wants to hear, or cares about.  Why would anyone care about anything that doesn’t personally involve them?
I am not angry that we as people are like this, or at least the majority. That is just the way humans are I suppose. I am angry that James died the way he did. Unnecessary!
Again I did not know James, nor did I see the video depicting the end of his short life. I did however shed tears for someone I didn’t personally know. I cried for him wishing he had more time. I am trying not to cry now as I think of his parents and his brother. I read the transcript of the video, and it breaks my heart to know he was so broken that he blamed his brother and our country for his death. (Blaming his brother is what bothered me the most)
I pray he is in a better place now. I pray that his death was not in vain.I also pray for his family, and that they too find peace.
I also pray for all of us. I pray that we all take a moment to see James as a brother, a father, a son and a friend. As we should with anyone who dies a needless death we should take a moment to say, “I wish you had more time too.”
#remember, #jamesfoley, #neverforget


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