#CandidlyNicole (My new obsession)


When I first heard that Nicole Richie had a reality show on VH1 I flat refused to look into it. Then one magical day she was a guest on on my favorite late night show “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” Her personality on that show sold me on her reality show. Not a lot of people get Craig and when they do, it is pure magic my friends.
So, from what I understand her show is simply based off of her twitter feed, is part scripted and part whatever Nicole throws out there. The first episode I caught was about her going to an eye doctor to get glasses, she didn’t need, in order for her to seem more in charge. I literally cried while laughing when she said with a serious face to the optometrist “No rectal.” (I’m still laughing!) I am also still trying to figure out how one has an orgie and hula hoops at the same time!
From this single episode I have decided she and I must be friends! Or at least in my imagination, cause really it will never happen in any other way.
The point of this, of me even talking about Nicole, is this. I have a closet obsession with the “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Try as I may I can not turn away from that show. So when I discover a show that is drama free, like with “Giuliana and Bill,” I flock to it like a seagull to a jumping fish. “Candidly Nicole, is a silly show really about nothing. Kind of like a real life “Seinfeld,” There is no point to it, and there is no useless drama. This show is really just about a girl who “wants to be a respectable, grown up chicken farmer.” Breath a sigh of relief that there is a totally awesome, and dope show out there that allows you to stop degrading yourself by having no other choice then to watch another “Bachelor.”

“Candidly Nicole” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. 
also check out http://nicolerichiefashion.blogspot.com/

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