Becoming French

So I have begun the process of registering my birth with the French government. My mother’s entire side, including herself, are from France. So when I thought about it I decided it was time to get my citizenship. This is a part of my ancestry that I do not want lost because my mother was too busy doing whatever to make sure I was granted my citizenship.
While waiting for my new birth certificate in the mail I find myself going through a number of emotions. Some excitement and other nervous.
I am not sure what the entire process, other then me turning in the required documents, entails but I can say I am overwhelmingly excited. The main thing is this opens many opportunities for me as well as my family.
I may be able to connect with long lost relatives still living in France. I can pass the language on to my son in a seamless process, and expose him to different things.
This past Christmas he was given a taste of European life, and hopefully with our citizenship,

A budding writer

he will get more. So for now, I wait with baited breath for the consulate to contact me letting me know that I am now a French citizen.

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