Wondering what to do with this.

A new PostAfter school the next day Sarah sat in the warm coffee shop at near the east side of campus. Not a lot of kids went there because it was so far out of the way, but it was quiet. Her house had been turned upside down with the arrival of movers bringing some of Kathy’s things from Houston.  To keep herself from thinking about her stepsister’s impeding move Sarah felt it best to leave the situation all together. She shifted through her Jane Eyre book trying to figure out what chapter she wanted to discuss in her newest essay due just before Christmas break when her cell phone buzzed beside her. Picking up the calculator sized phone she pressed the answering button without looking at the number calling.
“Where are you?” Scott said. Shouts and laughter filled in the background of where ever he was at. She rolled her eyes as images of him at a circus came to mind.
“I’m at a coffee shop.” She answered casually. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell him where she was. When he was around all she could was look at him, and feel her mouth go dry whenever he looked up from what he was doing.  He was always with her when he wasn’t even around, always on her mind. Every day it took more and more effort not to tell him how she felt because he was her only friend. She had attempted to may another friend, a fellow nerd in her English lit class, but that had been fruitless. As it turns out Sarah wasn’t very socially graceful as she liked to think. If a person didn’t come from the imagination of an author she didn’t know how to interact with them. Which was why her relationship with Scott was so important, he liked being around her and wasn’t put off with her neediness.
“Well, you need to come to the frat house before I kill your brother?”
She laughed. “Why what has he done?”
Scott groaned on the other end of the phone. Then he pulled the phone away from his mouth so he could scream some obscenities at whoever was behind him.  A rumple of clothing sounded in the receiver as he pressed the phone against his body, she could hear his voice muffled.
“Please, can I come over? I have a calculus test in the morning and your stupid brother decided to throw an all nighter.”
No! She thought to herself, then she figured there was no way out of it. She was going to have to spend time with her friend. Inwardly she groaned. “Sure, meet me there. I should be there in about five minutes after I pack my stuff.”
They hung up and she leisurely took her time putting her things away. Being alone with Scott wasn’t going to help the budding feelings she had about him inside of her heart. After their dinner slash date she wasn’t sure where the boundary lines were anymore. When he dropped her off she was sure he was going to kiss her right there on her front porch right under the light so everyone could see. When he didn’t she was actually disappointed. However, she couldn’t blame him, she was after all a simple girl.
She hardly wore any makeup and her go to outfit always included jeans, when she was home she lounged in some kind of sweat pants. She sighed as she tugged her back over her shoulder, it was now or never.
Scott was sitting on the stairs reading a book when she got home. He looked up the seconded her footsteps echoed off the concrete. He smiled and it did funny things to her insides. First by making her breathing go faster and then her heart to plummet in her stomach. She had to convince herself to look away before he noticed the blush warming her cheeks.
“Are you warm?” he asked touching his cool hand to her cheek.
She shook her head, proceeding to unlock the door. “I was just walking fast.” She rolled her eyes making her way into her cool house. The weather outside wasn’t extremely hot this time of year but today had been unseasonably warm.  Scott plopped down on the couch as though he lived there with her. He grabbed the remote control off of the coffee table and began to surf through the channels.
“I thought you said you had some calculus test to study for?” she hollered from the kitchen.
“I do, but I need to unwind first. All that partying going on has got me in the mood to do something.”
“Like what?” she said taking a seat next to him holding a bottle of water. Scott sat up took the bottle from her taking a long pull of it and then handing it back to her. “I don’t know.” He shrugged. “What do you want to do?”
Sarah bit her lip before the words, “I need to study,” came tumbling out of her mouth.  He blinked at her while waiting for her to respond. His brown eyes blinking, staring right into hers, again her mouth went dry as it always did when he was around.
“We could go see a movie.” She finally said.
“What do you wanna see?”  he laid his head on her shoulder as a boyfriend would do to his girlfriend. His left arm draped along her stomach, with his hand dangerously close to her right breast.  She stiffened with the unknown knowledge of what to do. How did he get so comfortable with her so fast? Last night had been the closest to being more than a friend they had ever gotten, and that was still platonic.
“We could go see “Snatch”?” He suggested.
He had only talked about the Guy Ritchie move since it premiered a couple of weeks ago.
“Ok.” She said.
Scott picked his head up off of her shoulder then kissed her gently on the cheek. He interlocked his fingers with in hers and smiled. “Make sure you bring a sweater you know how the theaters are freezing.”
She nodded, though she didn’t move. They remained very still, blinking at one another.
“How many times have you been kissed?” he whispered.
She shrugged and swallowed nothing down her dry throat. “A couple of times.”
He nodded in understanding. She watched as his large hand ran through his soft brown hair, the look of thought in his eyes. He was thinking so hard she could see the wheels turning in his head.
“If I kiss you now then we can stop being so nervous around each other.” He stated.
“You’re nervous?” she nervously laughed. “You don’t seem like it.” She answered after he shook his head.
“I have wanted to kiss you for some time but you make me so very nervous.”
“I make you nervous.” She wasn’t buying it. “You..”
He interrupted her by pressing his lips against hers. They felt soft and wet against her mouth. His tongue darted out tracing the seam to her lips begging for admittance. She only obliged when he ran his fingers through her hair and pressed her body to his. The kiss deepen, all thoughts of the movie began to vanish as did her fear that she was just to plain for Scott.
“Wow.” He breathed breaking the kiss.
Dizzy Sarah just grinned like a goofy school girl.
“Again?” he whispered bringing his lips to hers again. This time they were cut short when the front door was pushed open. Kate walked in with her hands on her hips. “You two are always together.” she snapped. “I’m tired.” She announced. “What are you doing tonight?” she shut the front door behind her then took a seat on the couch. “I think I might head out to your frat house Scott.” She smiled at him with wide wanting eyes.
“That’s cool.” He said taking a few steps away from Sarah. She was relieved he did that, without him knowing that she wanted him too. Kate could never know about Sarah’s feelings for Scott, it would only lead to a mess, and then she would take him away from Sarah. Something Sarah was all too familiar with since she had first met Kate some many years ago.
“Ugh you two are so boring.”


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