Game of Thrones WTF!

Rain_of_castamere_talisa_robb.pngLast night’s episode once again gave me hope that maybe Ceresi Lannaster was finally going to suffer. Only once again to be let down. I knew Oberyn Nymeros Martell was getting cocky as he fought the Mountain, still I had hope. I had thought that just this once, things have to go in favor of Tyrion. However, I was wrong. So now one of the most important characters is going to be killed for a crime he did not commit. Sound familiar? Oh that is right the same thing happened to NED STARK!!!!
The killing is getting a little old, the Lannasters always winning is getting a little old. Things are really starting to become familiar and ..dare I say it…predictable. I really hate to mention this too but I think the story is becoming a little overstretched.
Now with the fight in the North at the wall looming over our heads I have already predicted Jon Snow is going to die. Why? BECAUSE HE IS A STARK!!! I literally have dreams of him leaving the brotherhood and going back to Winterfell claiming it back. Why don’t the Lannasters see him as a threat? Oh I know why because they are the Lannisters. The only one who finally got what was seriously coming to him was Joffery.
The one good thing that had me cheering was that Sansa Stark has finally gotten a back bone, or she has finally snapped. Was it my eyes adjusting or did Sansa color her hair to a darker shade? Is she trying to look more like her mother to please Litterfinger? Or is she going to manipulate him? Either way that should be interested, as long as something stupid does not happen. Such as her little sister Aria leaving the veil because her aunt is dead. Now that the promise of money is gone what will the Hound do with Aria..oh let me guess..KILL HER? (I am literally rolling my eyes here.)
This show was so good, and I do not know what happened. The stories are too all over the place, the characters are not explored enough. Such as Daenerys, and for crying out loud Jon Snow. I sometimes feel this show should just change its name to the “Lannaster Fun Hour.”
I understand they have to introduce new story lines and also refer back to old ones because there is so much going on. At times when they do introduce or complete plots they often do so as though they are trying to fill up space An example of this would be Grey Worm’s budding romance.
I do not feel as though the action is building anymore. In fact this upcoming fight at the wall is limp, there has not been enough hype to get anyone excited. Which is why I am already disappointed and will be even more so when Jon dies…not to say he is I honestly do not know I am just guessing. Then there is the never ending hard on with Daenerys, come on when is she finally going to get her iron throne back? I mean we have been building up to that for what three seasons now?
After last season’s “Red Wedding” I have no doubt in my mind something explosive will happen. I just wonder if it will be the same tired and over used explosive ending. Meaning a Stark will die or anyone else who DARES to go against the Lannasters. What would really shock me is someone NOT dying. Such as Tyrion, or Jon Snow or even Theon Greyjoy. (BTW poor guy should be put out of his misery…I mean Reek should be put out of his misery.)

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