And the kid is heading to Germany


For as long as I can even remember I have always wanted to head over the ocean and venture the lands of Europe and the UK. I had even applied for an American College in France after I finished high school but alas was unable to go because I had not a real birth certificate. (Long story) Then I had told myself I that I would go after I had gotten myself into the career of my choice. Well, after some bumps in the road and some issues with life I was unable to get into the career of my choice.


Now only because of a fortuitous situation, as a result of a horrendous year, we are finally heading to Europe. We will be going to Germany and to France and who knows where else. My sweet husband is trying to arrange the trip so we can make a stop in the good old UK, which is all because he knows I have ALWAYS wanted to go there. 
So this Christmas will be jam packed with pictures, mainly selfies and landscape. I will also be annoying and take pictures of what I am eating. When I hop over to France I will take pictures of all the cheese I am not suppose to have!!
I am so excited!!
Until then!!

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