10th Anniversary


For my 10th Wedding Anniversary I have to say I am at a loss for what to get my husband. I have tried so very hard to get him a pre-order of the PlayStation, however the Amazon Gods and other fine retail establishments have decided that they are no longer taking pre-orders. Mind you I have been trying to get a pre-order for like months.
So back to square one, and hoping like all get out that the day of I will manage to purchase one at the store..ugh!!
Alas this is a milestone and I want to celebrate as though it is something special. I do not want this day to be “just another day” as all of my other anniversaries have been. I want to go somewhere and see something. I want to eat something we both normally do not have on a daily bases. For the love of all that is holy I DO NOT WANT MEXICAN!!! I want something like Greek or French food. I want something with a flare of exotic. I want to go somewhere it is cold and some place where we can bring our son, cause we both love having him around and things can still be memorable with the love of our lives.
So planning must commence! I thought about getting my one and only all three seasons of “Game of Thrones.” In addition to the PlayStation…oh I use the PlayStation as well for movies and working out it is not just a him item.
The only thing I want is for one day to remember why we are so into each other and to make this day special and unlike any other!
Now Supernatural is coming on I have to go!! Until next time!!

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