Oh Halloween

Oh how I love Halloween!! I love the lore, the costumes, oh and the treats. Every year I try so very hard to make my decorations old Victorian but never seem to find anything. Then I tried colonial, and most of that I was able to get from Martha Stewart. However, I still stand firm that woman has way too much time on her hands. I mean half the stuff she recommends is just super time consuming.  Yet, I love it.
I know I must hate myself.
This year I am not decorating, since I am not in the mood to decorate I am going to be baking harder then Miss Betty herself. I have downloaded my recipes, I have cut out my stencils for the air brush effects I might attempt. This is gonna be so fun.
I am excited to watch “Shaun of the Dead” AGAIN!! I am eager for more “Supernatural” and my new favorite, though it has been my favorite story since I was small,  “Sleepy Hallow.”
Aside from the football, veggie chill and the cool weather this is why I LOVE fall. I love love fall and winter. I could do without summer!
I am keeping this short but I plan on posting more soon. Until then…keep watching all those Nerdy shows. I think the “Big Bang Theory” is on and I am gonna watch it.

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