Why Seth Rogen…Why?

This is probably going to be short. I have a selected group of actors that I would run to the theater and watch. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and of course my duo from England Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are just the comedians I adore. So of course when I have a moment of free time I’m going to watch one of their new moves. In comes the movie “This is the End.” I loved the humor of this film, even all the way till James Franco gets saved and tells those around him to do something to his man part. (use your imagination here.)
I was sad at this point but when it got to another point in the movie where they had ended up in Heaven I was down right  WTF mode.
I would thought Seth would would have wished for James Franco back, and I would have excepted Jay to have wished James back for his friend Seth. After all the film is all about friendship. However, that didn’t happen. So that leaves me to ask Why Seth? I thought James was your homie? 🙂 Which leads me into my second question….Will there be a “Pineapple Express 2”? Cause that would be awesome. So to answer your movie question, Yes you should make sequels to all of your films…well most of them..
Oh and by the way what the heck did Emma Watson do to not get saved! Too funny!!

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