Whovians clear your calenders!!!

Clara (Jenna Coleman) and the current Doctor (Matt Smith) in season 33 of the popular show.
So the we will not be waiting till December to see who the new Doctor will be?
That is right the new Doctor will be revealed on BBC American and the Real BBC this Sunday!!
I. am. not. ready!
Yet, at the same time I am really excited. Conflicted much?
As I have stated before I am really sad that Matt Smith has decided he is done with the series but then again all things must come to an end. (insert sad face here) I have grown to love him as much as I loved David Tennant.(Doctor #10), though at first it wasn’t easy. David is still my favorite out of all the Doctors, my son loves Doctor #3 and #10. He is so very excited that November is almost here and he is excited there will be a new Doctor. So the lesson I am taking from him is to just be excited the damn show is on!
So until then I’ll have the popcorn ready to pop and the tissues ready to go.
The tear damn will really break in December when Matt Smith finally bids adieu!
Until then Stay Nerdy!
to read more on what is going on and who might be playing the new doctor check out this website..
or go here to see more ideas for who might be the next good Doctor

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