Comic Con 2013

Oh my fellow Nerds this is the eve before the biggest event of the year! I have to mention I am very sad I will not be attending Comic Con this year but I will watch it on the telly! All week I have been getting text messages regarding Doctor Who 50th anniversary, and The Walking Dead! I may just have a nerd-gasim! I am sure there are going to be better exhibits and things I’ll go gagga over this is just a tease for me!

I’m excited about the films that are to be previewed. However, they are being kept secret. I am still excited none the less. I’m sure that the Hunger Games will be something to be looked at. 

Obviously Twilight will not be there this year…(tiny yeah!) I’m wondering if R.I.P.D will have previews there since the film is based on a comic book. I also wonder if there will be a Spiderman II preview. Sadly this year there will not be a Batman, or Ironman, and I guess that is ok. Percy Jackson is coming out with another film, but I’m not sure that will be at the event. I’m just guessing here. Sadly once again Harry Potter is not! That is ok, I am adult and J.K Rowling has writing two adult books, move on me!
Oh the anticipation is killing me.
I do know this is the 20th anniversary for the X-files so there should be something exciting going on with that. Divergent based on the books is anticipated, as well as the Clockwork series. Dexter!(need I say more)
Veronica Mars………NERD-GASIM!! So excited about the kick-starter fund having been success and they have started film. (I can hardly wait!!) Though I am still heart broken over the third season Game of Thrones is another I am chopping at the bit for. One of my new favs, cause I loves BBC America, Orphan Black. The show of clones getting killed off one by one! Oh too much this is just an over load. I have saved the second thing I can’t wait to see and that is Thor II. Only because I loves me some Chris Hensworth!!! lolz. swoon!
Regardless of what is going to to be there I am super excited and I will keep visual!! Stay Nerdy my friends.

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