Winter is NOT coming!!!!


Since seeing the second to last Game of Thrones I have been holding my breath waiting for the moment when it would be ok to express what is WRONG with this damn show! Warning Do not emotionally invest in this show!
First Ned Stark is gone, and ok I understand that but then they kill off the one person who I thought was going to really do something extremely interesting in this show. They killed off ROBERT STARK!! WTF! They killed him beyond repair, not the soap opera classic way that leaves the door open in case they can bring them back. No, first they stabbed his wife in her belly several times, then they shot him twice with arrows, and when his wife was good and dead they slit his throat! After they killed his mother, they then cut his head off and mounted his wolf’s head to his body. I’d say there is no way he is coming back.
This leads me to wonder who the heck is next? (And is ANYONE safe?) Jon Snow? Daenery?
This last season did many things for me, bore me was one of them. The other was break my cold heart! I want to be realistic and say I understand the reason why Robb was killed but then the emotional part of me is upset. He should have avenged his father’s death. He should have showed what the Starks are made of not beaten down by backstabbers.

Another thing that has bothered me is Jaime Lannister and my sudden relationship with him. At first it was so easy to hate him and to think he was just GROSS! However, during his imprisonment he has shown a different side of himself. Granted I still think he is a spineless man but he has shown a bit of compassion that I didn’t expect. Such as when Brienne of Tarth is about to be raped. Or how he makes his convoy take him back so he can take her with him. He actually won me over, however I would still be ok with his death. In fact when he had his hand cut off I actually laughed. 
Still, my point of this show is you can not get too invested in a character. I have and I still am. My three remaining favs might not make it next season and that frightens me. To add insult to injury I am starting to really care for Tyrion Lannister or the “Imp”. 

 Is there some way we can move through this show and be half invested to the characters?  As I have said before the show stays in line with the books, adding few things here and there. I want to read ahead only to make sure Jon Snow is going to make it. I am literally worried. How sad for me!
And now I come to the White Walkers. I don’t know about you but I am scared out of my pants about this. They have been building up since season one and I have to say if they don’t do something with them soon I’m going to combust. Something has to give, someone who isn’t a Lannister has to have something good happen to them. Otherwise.. well we will just have to see! 


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