Nerd Girl Confessions..

It’s time for some nerd girl confessions…do you have any?

Nerd girl issue is realizing that the characters in your favorite books out number the friends you have in real life.
Why is it so hard to have friends at a certain age?
Is it society pressure on a woman? I mean all of my girlfriends that I still talk to have kids and we never see each other. There never seems to be any time.

Second nerd girl issue is this…
Realizing that your thoughts and comments have something to do with things you have read or seen on TV.
No matter how hard I try not to make a Friends reference I can’t. I only have one friend who ever understands what I am talking about when I compare a life reference to Friends. Other then my son, none of my friends or husband get the humor of Doctor Who, nor do they like it when there is nothing on and I suggest we watch Harry Potter, or Supernatural!
Nerd girl issue number three is when you have that moment where only you know what the heck you’re talking about.. refer to second issue.
Nerd girl confession.. when you randomly go to the bookstore in order to find out when the next book in the series comes out only to be disappointed because the author has decided to take a year off..WTF!
This author knows who they are!!! I get it you want some time to be creative and books take a lot of time to edit. (Yet I have found several errors in some books I’ve recently read!) I also get it Charlaine Harris you are done with the Sookie Stackhouse series, I figured that out on book ten. The book seemed to have been a last minute thing.
and one more for the road Nerd girl issue that you are the only one in your house that loves Supernatural  and you are just like the character Becky…

I love love love Supernatural and would totally run away with Sam or Dean if I could! Then again I’d run away with Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead if that was an option as well! Swoon!!
I guess that is enough of the Nerdy confessions or issues as I like to think of them.Until then Stay Nerdy!

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