Working on the dime piece

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I am exhausted!!!
Since I started working on my bachelor’s degree I have let things become neglected. One of those things was my fitness. I tried to fit in at least fifteen minutes of cardio but alas when it comes to Statistics those precious fifteen minutes can be used for something a little more productive, such as homework.
So for that eight weeks or so where I stopped working out my body suffered. I have noticed my thighs have become a little loose, and I am none too happy about.
So this summer I have started to work on my dime piece.
In doing so I have turned to my favorite Tracy Anderson. I love the girl I really do but after an hour of working out I want to kill the little pixie!
My butt has never hurt or burned so badly and this isn’t my first time working out with the tiny one. I was doing the Method before I got heavy into school. Granted I really didn’t gain any weight I just didn’t look as toned as I once had. So now that I have time on my hands I have started the metamorphosis. I don’t think I have ever sweat so much in my life, and I used to be a chunky monkey!!!
I am about eight days into it and I am scared of when I finish the next two. I peeked ahead to see what I could expect and my poor saddle bags shivered in fear.
I know that working out is hard work. I know that you have to put in your time in order for you to get some results. I actually like working out and look forward to it. Having said that I do not look forward to the next day. Or the crack head like tendency that I get when I’m in pain. I actually crave the leg workout so I can feel some relief.
I will continue with the good fight! Cause I don’t want to be disgusted at myself when I look in the mirror or feel uncomfortable in my tank tops. I keep looking at myself and so far I’m smiling. Since getting back on the wagon I’m starting to appreciate my own body. I am looking forward to the end of the month when I can truly bounce a quarter off of my own ass!! Until then I am going to be sweating a lot!!!

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