By no means is this breaking news, I love to read. I am a professional reader if you went off by how much I read. I’ll read almost anything you give me. I’ll read things that will make me want to rip my eyes out, and things I will cherish forever.
I read all of the Harry Potter books and loved them to death. Keep them safe from everything…lol. I have read the Twilight series and to this day I still want to burn New Moon! I loved reading Sookie Stackhouse and her adventures. I enjoyed reading anything Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte.
The main thing I love about these books and others like them is they don’t treat me as though my short term memory isn’t working. I do not like books to keep taking a step backward and repeat themselves.
For instance. “I knew he was wrong for me but I still loved him.”
a few chapters later. “I looked at him knowing he was all wrong for me but I couldn’t let him go.”
AND THESE ARE BEST SELLERS!!!! Well, some are.
I’m not one to put down authors. I think it is amazing to put for work you are proud of, I just want to know who proofread this work!
I recently read this book about a vampire going to college who met this girl who had been sexually assaulted in high school.  I am pretty sure about five chapters could have been ripped out of the book and the story would have been fine. I know that it is hard to one come up with a story, and even harder to sell the story. I also know how hard it is keeping your facts straight while you write. I have come across NY bestsellers were the author made minor mistakes. example, ” he said he’d come at five… a few paragraphs later… he arrived at my house at four like he promised”.
My concern is for the authors. Especially the independent author trying to make it, or even break into the mainstream. Shouldn’t there be a filter somewhere? I mean at the end of the day the reader is going to blame the author, not the copy editor or the proof reader.
I hope when I am a copy editor I will not be letting authors down. After all, as a lover of all books I would hate to be turned off by an author because I wasn’t challenged all because someone wasn’t doing their job.

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