For The Love of Doctor Who

I make my love for Doctor Who known to anyone who is listening. As the last episode of this seventh series comes to a close I grow nervous. I just got over the loss of Doctor #10 played by David Tennant and fell hard for Math Smith. (Who plays the current Doctor.) I have come across rumors of him leaving the show, if that is true that would mean soon Doctor Who will become someone new.
My husband and I tried to lighten the mood up by looking at possible replacements for Matt Smith.
I came up with the wonderful and talented Rupert Grint, if you don’t know who he is, he played Ron in Harry Potter.
This time perhaps the Doctor will be a “ginger” finally. Rupert would give a sweet, quirky flare to the Doctor that I love so much in Matt. Alas still coming up with names for the Doctor’s replacement leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.
As a fan you tend to invest so much into the character. When ever there is a new Doctor you are shy about him at first. You keep him at arms length only because you are still recooperating from your loss, only to fall in love again with the new actor. As time goes by you don’t even think about the impeding regeneration looming over your head. You shed a few tears about the loss of companions. We are seven episodes in of the second half of series 7 and it still hurts when the Ponds are mentioned. Hell, the trailer for the next episode showing River Song’s tombstone was a bit hard. Clara, is doing a good job. Her moxy is something I like and hope she lasts a while, yet at the same time I am afraid that any episode could be her last. So now I ask the question, is it better to lose a companion  you like just as much as the Doctor or is it better to loose the Doctor and keep the companion?
Whatever answer you come up with I won’t judge you. Just remember no matter who we have to say goodbye too it is hard to just say goodbye.
(Yes, I know these are fictional characters but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching them!)
Now I ask you dear reader…who do you think could take Matt Smith’s place?
Until then Stay Nerdy my friends!!

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