World’s End….



OMG! Not since the first time I watched Shaun of the Dead have I been this excited! Well, there was that time when Hot Fuzz came out. Actually anything with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The only two fellows who can get this nerdy girl all excited when Doctor Who isn’t involved. (By the way Simon Pegg was in an episode of Doctor Who).
Anyhow, along with Edgar Wright-director- these boys are hitting the big screen together again! This movie is called World’s End, and from the trailer it is about a group of friends who attempted to hit up twelve pubs in their hometown ending at the World’s End. As luck would have it they fail, and years later Simon Pegg’s character wants to try it again.
I have been waiting for these two to do something else together since Paul! It feels as though suddenly one of my many nerd dreams has been answered.
Since everything about this is so new I really don’t have much to add aside from my obvious excitement. The only thing that could make me happier at this moment is solid confirmation that Matt Smith will remain the Doctor until the end of 2014.
Until then my friends..Stay Nerdy!!

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