Some Reasons Why I love Game Of Thrones


If you have never heard of Game of Thrones you are missing out. It is one of the best shows on television to date. Well, in my opinion and look here on this blog that is all that matters. 🙂
When I read the first book written by (in my opinion legend) George R. R. Martin, I was both fascinated and disturbed. The story moved along pretty quickly, I am not going to lie and say I understood everything being told right away. Somethings I had to re-read in order for me to continue mainly because of the depth of the story. There is so much going on and with such detail I found it might have been a good idea to have taken notes while I read. However, I muscled through and needless to say the end of this first book was a shocker for me. I mean breast feeding dragons? Then to see it on HBO’s Game of Thrones  I was glad they had kept along with the story.It was refreshing to see a story actually stick with the story lines….of the story!!! I think some of this might have something to do with George R. R. Martin being a writer and producer on the show.
Sadly I have not continued reading these wonderful books, not because I didn’t want to but for lack of time. I have them in my wish list!
The second season of this wonderful show was a bit slow for my husband-he wanted more action. I however did not. I like the slow build on things with intelligent story plots. As with the first season things were complicated and fast paced. As things get more complicated, I am more disturbed by Joffery.  I am wondering what is wrong with him as the story reveals a darker side of him. (If you haven’t seen the last episode aired on 5/5/13 I won’t spoil it for you) Perhaps it all has to do with his breeding…..
Continuing on into season three I’m finding myself to be amazed with Robb Stark and as ever with Daenerys.  I like the Littlefinger and Varys, even though at times when watching Littlefinger and Varys I find myself feeling very much like Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Conversations with them are very similar to that of the Mad Hatter and the Mad Hare. They speak in riddles and in circles, spilling only half truths within vague stories.
The thing that I love most about Game of Thrones  is how manipulative every character is. If the character isn’t, such as the case with Sansa, you find yourself wishing this girl would get a back bone. However, that was how she was raised. Her father, Ned, was an honorable man, who even put to death as a traitor, is talked about in a respectable way. For all intense and purposes I have come to the conclusion Ned Stark is the man Jamie Lannister (The King Slayer) wishes he could be. However, he is too busy being an ass and having relations with someone he shouldn’t. (I’m trying not to give too much away.)
This story is so backstabbing and just heart wrenching, I still can not believe they killed NED STARK!!!!!! Though I felt better when Jamie had his hand cut off! In this unpredictable story where the writers are not afraid of killing off anyone I find it very hard to let go of those characters that mean something, especially to me.
With that being said I truly hope you get Net Flix or HBO just for this show. (and for True Blood….don’t hate me cause I love that show.)

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