Why I am learning Graphic Design

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I have been interested in  Graphic Design for sometime now, and I’ve seriously thought about learning how to be a graphic designer. Sadly, I must admit that I have not even started! But 2016 is long gone, and we are now eighteen days into the new year. So, there is no time like the present. Continue reading

The Spaces Inbetween-Part 1

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I don’t know how your winter is going but mine is a whopper! Last week the Pacific Northwest was hammered with cold weather, and snow! With that kind of weather came a ton issues. Loss of power for one!

Last week I was unable to post anything! So this week, to make up for last week, I have posted “The Spaces In between” for free. This story started out as a short short that you can read here.

Since writing that short short I fell in for the characters. So, I decided to write how Silas and Bella met. Again because I failed to post a short short last week due to the weather this story is for free! I hope you enjoy!

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Steps to Organization :Journal Post #1


When I was younger I was a stranger little person! Why you ask? Well that answer is simple. Unlike my teenage counterparts I was an organized neat freak.

Once I passed my teenage years I maintained my ability to keep things neat and organized. My life was organized. Until one day it all just feel apart. Now no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get things organized. Especially my writing! I am a mess, well I think so. How I managed to get stuff complete amazes me!

What do I do to try to appear organized? Well that is simple. I make lists, I set up calendar things on my phone and computer. Ugh I even write random stuff in my journals that I normally save for writing ideas or inspiration.

So how do I get my writing more organized? I know you are asking the same questions that I am asking myself.

Well, that is easier said than done but I think that together we can do this! Continue reading

Newsletters!! Pour toi mes amies.

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As many of you already know, I’ve added a nifty sign-up form to the old blog. Those who do sign up will be given a newsletter about once a month. Sometimes I’ll just talk about things that are going on and other times I’ll just send something for you to read, cause its cold outside. I want to encourage all of you to stay in doors and be cozy!

So, for those of you who want to know I am not trying to sell anything on my Newsletters. I only write them to give you an idea as to what is going on with the blog and with my Patreon site. Again, most of my stuff is for free!

Here is this month’s Newsletter. To sign up to receive these babies once a month click on the link below!  Continue reading

Top 10 Holiday Movies (not holiday)


Before I sign off for the next two weeks. (That’s right friends I am taking two weeks off.) So tired. My fingers are sore from knitting, writing and pointing out where Christmas decor should go. So, before I go I am leaving with you my favorite list of movies to watch during the holidays. Please do not judge the horrificness of my selection, just enjoy! And tell me how you loved them too!

So grab a cup of something warm and get to watching!

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Vanish-Free download


Its the holidays and giving is the heart of the season. Download your free poem here.
I would love to hear what you think! 
Here is a preview of what you are gonna get!

Her hair is like mine, her smile is similar. Her skin is just as smooth.

I watch her sleep, she is still like me.

I watch her laugh, it is just as musical as mine.

Her eyes are just as blue, her lips just as full.

I touched them, while she slept, they are just as soft.




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Writing Saved My Life


I can not believe that it has been a year since I reinvented myself with this blog. During that time I had been going through a very dark time in my life. ( I am not going to get into the dirty details-don’t want to depress you.)

At the time depression was very new to me. I wasn’t even aware that I was depressed. And the anxiety….

I’ll just let that sentence hang.

I started writing as a little girl, and last year or I should say the year before, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Each time I sat down I felt as though I was in a room that was shrinking. Sort of like the trash compacter from Star Wars…you know the scene. Where Han, Leia and Luke get stuck and are nearly crushed to death. Well, that is what I felt like. Continue reading




I am like a memory, easy to be forgotten

I am a dream that simply fades into nothing

You think I’m a snippet of a nightmare or a snatch of a horrible memory. You let me fade into the dark. You let me disappear into nothing.

I am faded, like a spot you’ve rubbed too hard. The bleach makes the stain that is me fade, blend into the fabric of life. But my voice, and my cries can still be heard.

I am just a fissure in a crack on the wall. You can easily make me fade into nothing, cover me up. I’ll let you. I have nothing left to give. The fight to disappear is too great.

I can be faded, I can blend into the night. I can disappear if that is what makes you happy. I don’t matter, never did. I’m not loved, I can’t be loved. How can I be when I’ve been faded from the start.


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My heart has been scorched by my own hand.

I saw, I yearned and I loved.

Reaching out to the unknown I only hurt myself. The pain pierced my skin, made me bleed. I should have stayed with what I knew. I should have remained alone.

If I had remained the same and had not tried to change, then the nights wouldn’t be so hard to get through.

With the loneliness, I feel more secure. The scorch on my heart from the loneliness is something I’m familiar with.

The familiar isn’t something above my reach and it isn’t a fabricated love.

The unknown isn’t for me, I learned my lesson. My scorched heart is proof.


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